Virtual desktop infrastructure (VDI) from ClubDrive Systems provides the benefits of a desktop operating system that is secured in our data center. Managing your desktop access in a data center will give users access to a virtual desktop that is designed to work with your business objectives.

You can expand the lifespan of obsolete machines by converting them to VDI clients. These machines require minimum computing, as the OS is virtually hosted on our servers. The data that users access is not stored locally, which results in additional security benefits when using VDI. If a thief or hacker accesses the machine, there is no data to steal.

You can cut costs for VDI clients due to the limited resources needed to access the desktop environment. The desktop can be personalized to match your business objectives. When each user has a local desktop, the strain on IT resources is dramatically increased. VDI eliminates in-house desktop maintenance for all nominated client machines.

High-Performance Accessibility with VDI

One of the major benefits of virtual desktop infrastructure is the availability of a high-performance desktop environment. Data is stored, and secure servers and can only be accessed by authorized persons who complete predefined authentication. ClubDrive Systems coordinates with your business to implement effective VDI solutions.

We provide high-speed performance and controlled access to the VDI environment. ClubDrive Systems monitors all activity on our virtual network. Servers are protected against forced intrusions and disasters, such as fire or flood. Our team constantly works to ensure that productivity is not interrupted by desktop related downtime.