Desktop as a Service (DaaS) provides a virtual desktop that is controlled, maintained and monitored by ClubDrive Systems. We take care of all your access needs, including providing any applications you require to ensure a user-friendly interface. Our DaaS feature is offered as a cloud service.

ClubDrive Systems will manage the storing of sensitive data, including data that must meet compliance requirements. All data is regularly backed up by an automatic system that is constantly monitored to guarantee integrity. We handle the delivery of supported applications and DaaS upgrades.

The ClubDrive Systems team is always available to provide support. Services like DaaS allow you to create a complete IT environment that is secure in the cloud. With DaaS, you can manage resources, including laptops, desktops and authorized devices.

What Will DaaS Do for My Business?

DaaS represents a cost-effective service that outperforms traditional IT solutions. If your business relies on always-on access to systems and applications, DaaS from ClubDrive Systems provides high-performance end-user availability. Businesses that do not have the resources or budget to justify in-house IT infrastructure and support are ideal candidates for DaaS.

ClubDrive Systems provides ease of platform migration when you switch to DaaS as part of your IT management package. Our services are designed to provide users with uninterrupted connectivity. You can personalize DaaS to ensure a seamless rollout and integration.

Customers who include DaaS in their ClubDrive Systems services benefit from reliability, secure data, improved performance and built-in protection as part of a disaster recovery plan. DaaS systems eliminate complexity, which enhances the user experience.