If your business or organization is facing issues with data storage, Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) will provide an effective solution. We provide outsourced computer infrastructure that includes dedicated space on hardware, storage and secure servers at our high-performance data center. Our team of IT specialists handles and maintains the operation of equipment and software.

Businesses benefit from automated administrative tasks that free up resources. IaaS provides the potential for dynamic scaling. With platform virtualization, a virtual machine performs all the tasks of a real computer, using limited storage and resources. The operating system is hosted at our data center, which ensures that data is secure and separated from the computers and other devices that end-users utilize.

Atlanta based ClubDrive Systems will work closely with you to identify your IT infrastructure needs and provides effective solutions. Infrastructure as a Service is ideal for businesses that have limited resources for managing desktops and storage.

Infrastructure as a Service Benefits

One of the problems that businesses face when they begin to scale up is coping with the additional network and storage needs. Infrastructure as a Service all but eliminates the need for in-house desktops and data storage space. Customers can rely on ClubDrive Systems to provide high-performance networking, server space and storage capability.

Infrastructure as a Service typically reduces costs. If your business requires limitless scalability, both up and down, IaaS an adaptable solution. ClubDrive Systems ensures virtually uninterrupted uptime with IaaS. We provide disaster recovery, business continuity, high-level security and compliance and access to enhanced capabilities.