Microsoft Office 365 is the newest and most robust offering from Microsoft for businesses. In order to get the most from Microsoft Office 365, consider managed network and IT services from ClubDrive Systems. We provide unparalleled support when it comes to migration and helpdesk services. We will help your team make the transition and take care of troubleshooting.

The integration of Microsoft Office 365 means access to essential office software on any device, wherever you are. Collaboration between teams is made easier with team editing that can happen in real-time. Shared access is one of the best features included in this version of Microsoft’s office suite. However, the “previous version” feature is still available should you need to revert to an older version of a document.

As Microsoft Office is entirely cloud-based, you won’t need to worry about upgrades. You get access to all new upgrades and additional features without the need to install new software on local machines. These upgrades and enhanced features are automatically rolled out, and ClubDrive Systems provides any necessary troubleshooting support.

Microsoft 365 Business

When it comes to collaboration, Microsoft 365 is ideal for small to medium sized businesses, and establishes a hub where remote employees and those working from different locations edit and contribute to documents in real-time. This feature means that changes can be made quickly and efficiently to spreadsheets and presentations. Given one version and one file, employees share direct access to files, simplifying communication and eliminating the need for attachments and multiple copies.

Not everyone in your business will need the same applications and capabilities. That’s why Microsoft 365 for businesses allows plans to be chosen and customized. While every plan includes business-class email, storage and access to online versions of Word, Excel and PowerPoint, you’ll only pay for what you need to get the job done and grow your business.

Depending on the type of information stored and shared, Office 365 offers built-in security measures. Some of these include encrypted mail, mobile device management and advanced analytics to protect sensitive information and guard against data breach. Meanwhile, ClubDrive Systems works closely with businesses to identify and solve potential issues so that employees can work efficiently and securely.

Office 365 Helpdesk Support

Microsoft Office 365 offers subscriptions ranging from business basic to enterprise versions. There are numerous business-enhancing benefits to using each if your staff has the right support. The ClubDrive Systems team is proficient in the use of all Microsoft Office 365 software. They will provide expert guidance throughout migration and for the duration of your subscription.

The main benefits of switching to MS Office 365 include enhanced security, access to effective collaboration tools and features that help ensure compliance. The best way to learn more about how MS Office can complement and improve your business operations and objectives is a consultation with a managed services consultant from ClubDrive Systems.