Every business should have an effective business continuity plan (BCP). However, a BCP is especially important if your business relies on technology to provide a service or remain compliant with the law.

The purpose of a business continuity plan is to ensure that critical operations and functions continue in the event of a disaster. Whether the disaster is natural or manmade, the survival of your business may hinge upon how quickly and effectively you or your team can react.

Data Backup and Recovery

ClubDrive Systems offers backup and recovery solutions that will ensure your data is protected in the event of a disaster. Our cloud-hosted services are operated from inside secure data centers. External events such as extreme weather, flood or power outages will not interrupt your access to data.

Virtual desktop environments negate the need to perform onsite backups when the worst happens. Regional backups of data to secondary data storage sites are an expensive proposition for companies with limited resources. ClubDrive Systems offers an affordable solution that is fast and effective through cloud-hosted environments where data is stored and monitored at our secure data centers.

Benefits of Cloud-Hosted BCP

Cloud-hosted business continuity plan solutions are affordable for small, medium and large businesses. ClubDrive Systems offers fast and effective recovery of data during or after a disaster. You and your employees can access the systems and information you need from anywhere. Disasters that directly impact your place of business won’t interrupt the continuation of critical online operations.

Taking advantage of the powerful tools that cloud-hosting provides should be part of any effective business continuity plan. Businesses that face challenges related to compliance will especially benefit from a BCP and disaster recovery consultation with ClubDrive Systems.