Managing in-house servers involves hiring a chief information officer (CIO) and adding physical infrastructure. Scaling up a business in this way is costly and comes with a number of inherent risks. If you have limited resources or face financial constraints, monitoring to ensure security and compliance may prove challenging.

Server failure can occur due to issues like a power outage, hardware malfunction, operating system crashing, network partitions and unusual software behavior. These problems may result in downtime and lost productivity. In some cases, businesses may face compliance issues as a result of poor server management and monitoring.

ClubDrive Systems can take care of all your server management and monitoring needs with cost-effective cloud solutions. We closely monitor server activity and proactively take action before issues can affect your business processes and access to systems, applications and secure data.

Guaranteed Server Security with ClubDrive Systems

Reliable server management and monitoring should always involve effective security protocols. ClubDrive Systems stores all data at our secure data centers. We offer assurances that data is protected in case of a disaster that could otherwise bring business productivity to a halt. Our team of server and network specialists are always working to keep your team online.

If server management and monitoring is an essential component of scaling your business, ClubDrive Systems can help you achieve your objectives. We offer managed IT services that are designed to adapt to in-house business processes and allow for ease of integration with cloud-hosted services. By eliminating the need for physical infrastructure that is vulnerable to failure and disaster, businesses are able to concentrate on the things that matter.