Combining Office 365, Windows 10 and Enterprise Mobility + Security, Microsoft 365 offers a unique solution that fuels creativity and empowers employees to work at a higher level. As a set of licensing plans that offer increased security management over Microsoft 365 Business, Microsoft 365 Enterprise is designed for enterprise customers as well as those with more than 300 users.

Specialized AI-tools combine voice, touch and pen, as employees move from research to producing content across multiple devices. This means that you can find the information you need without leaving the flow of your work. Moreover, data is translated and presented in a way that makes sense. As such, organizations can make confident decisions based on meaningful reporting and analysis. This also helps overcome information overload by ensuring that the right information is awarded the right attention.

In turn, content is compiled and presented as animated 3D models, interactive slides and mixed reality experiences. These collaborative tools have the power to transform organizations and help them focus on information that’s precise and relevant.

Intelligent Security

Regardless of location or the type of device, we are a Microsoft 365 Enterprise provider in Atlanta offers intelligent security with an in-depth authentication experience. With no password, the user’s identity is the new standard for security, with built-in rules for accessing information. Even so, while automatic detection and prevention is critical, the organization’s response to an apparent breach is equally important. Microsoft 365 offers a stronger defense on the front lines of the digital landscape, as well as ways to continually assess security. In this way, an incident is met with quick investigation and remediation. Meanwhile, sophisticated security management gives insight into how to adjust security for more complex threats. After all, the majority of today’s enterprises are operating across several systems and cloud platforms, and security solutions must work together.

With technology that’s easy to adopt and manage, Microsoft 365 Enterprise generates a secure computing environment, linking email, calendar, contacts and documents with built-in compliance to govern data and respond to regulatory requests.

Built for teamwork, Office 365 allows employees to connect, engage and co-create. Teams can hold meetings, share content and accomplish tasks across platforms using a simplified desktop, with all of their resources in one place. For the modern organization, Microsoft 365 helps create new experiences with dynamic products, team sites and portals that drive innovation.