Why Is Cybersecurity So Important?

Every business faces different challenges when it comes to control of data – particularly when that data contains sensitive or legally protected information. If your network and computerized systems are left unprotected, it can result in a breach that could leave you in legal jeopardy.

Compromising the relationships you have built with customers, vendors or business associates can be costly. If your business or organization is subject to compliance regulations such as HIPAA, it is also important to protect any relevant data stored either on local or remote devices and servers.

Scaling a business involves growth that can often result in increased cybersecurity threats. When the network and systems that you use outgrow existing protection protocols, data is a prime target for opportunistic hackers and other bad actors.

Cybersecurity Simplified

The reality is, the level of cybersecurity needed for a growing business is often greater than available resources. In the most basic sense, processes should involve both a proactive and reactive approach to threats. The strategies that you implement to protect data should include network monitoring and management, access control, email security and much more.

These cybersecurity protocols are significantly more complex than the blanket terms discussed here would suggest. For instance, monitoring a network requires the right tools and experienced IT consultants to manage traffic and data being shared on the network. A small- to medium-sized business many not have the onsite resources to facilitate this level of infrastructure.

Scanning for Cybersecurity Threats

Network monitoring and management describes a broad type of cybersecurity scan. At ClubDrive, we actively scan applications such as Microsoft 365, all our cloud hosted services, signals from the dark web and any other threats that are specific to the IT capabilities of our customers.

This proactive approach allows our cybersecurity specialists to quickly react to threats and prevent access to sensitive data. This type of service is also important for strengthening your network and reinforcing current security strategies.

Managing your IT

Managed IT is designed to ensure that data, systems and computerized processes are protected. Unless your business has the budget to hire a dedicated individual or team (depending on the scope of IT reliance), keeping software and systems up-to-date can become challenging.

ClubDrive has the resources and capabilities to provide cloud hosted IT management. We keep data safe on our secure remote servers. Our team is constantly ensuring that customer software, systems and other business crucial processes are protected and compliant.

IT Risk Assessment

Assessing and reporting on cybersecurity threats is important for all IT reliant businesses. However, if you are subject to compliance laws, the consequences of a breach could have more serious consequences.

Cyber criminals are determined to access valuable information on your IT systems. As a business, you have a responsibility to ensure that cybersecurity threats are appropriately addressed. There is no single approach that is the right approach for every business or organization. ClubDrive offers tailored support based on industry or individual needs.

Access Control

It is essential that your business monitors and records the individuals or entities that are able to access your protected data. Multi-level authentication controls can prevent the wrong people from gaining access to information they could use for blackmail or sale. Whether you are a small or growing business, the issue of data breaches is not something that you should ever ignore.

To learn more about the importance of data security, or to inquire about the managed IT services available from ClubDrive, call our offices. An experienced consultant can take you through an assessment and recommend services relevant to your business. We look forward to hearing from you today.

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