When More Computer Equipment Results in Reduced Productivity

At ClubDrive Systems, we encounter this scenario all too often. You need to scale your business, so you purchase additional computer hardware and software. However, an investment that should have allowed you to quickly scale your business has, instead, resulted in reduced productivity.

For a growing business, it is not unusual for productivity needs to outgrow available technology. In an age where having access to information technology infrastructure is a requirement for most businesses, it is important to put the right components in place. If you don’t have the IT support to manage your infrastructure, reduced productivity is all but guaranteed.

Connectivity Issues

If your employees cannot access the information they need to do their job, you can expect repeat issues with reduced productivity. A stable network requires monitoring and maintenance by a qualified professional. Can your business really afford to pay an onsite network manager? If the answer is no, these problems will persist unless something changes.

The solution may lie in cloud-hosted services that provide access to a virtual outsourced network and servers. For an affordable monthly cost, the responsibility for network availability is taken out of your hands. Reduced productivity due to connectivity issues is virtually eliminated, allowing for dramatically improved scalability.

Software Issues

Software issues can seriously hamper your ability to meet business objectives. Reduced productivity when software issues occur can result in considerable downtime. Where do you turn when you have purchased licensed software with no dedicated support? ClubDrive Systems provides 24/7 support to our clients and their employees.

A dedicated help desk can mitigate any software issues you may face to ensure that business processes are not interrupted. We provide support from issues ranging from password resets to rolling out updates, new licenses and any patches your software may need to improve security.

Hardware Issues

The more computer hardware you have onsite, the greater the potential for reduced productivity and increased downtime. The average business simply is not equipped to deal with these problems without support. You do have the option of hiring a dedicated IT support team to work onsite. However, you may find that the business is unable to keep pace with the cost.

Internal services also take up space and are more prone to problems than cloud-hosted servers that are managed by a dedicated team. At ClubDrive Systems, we are constantly monitoring our databanks and networks to identify issues that could result in reduced productivity for customers.

Disaster Recovery and Business Continuity

Do you have an effective business continuity plan (BCP)? If not, you are facing reduced productivity without any way of predicting or mitigating the impact on your business. ClubDrive Systems offers backup and recovery for the essential data that allows your business processes to resume after a disaster. A BCP is also essential for businesses that must meet legal compliance requirements.

As the vast majority of your information is stored in a virtual environment, onsite disasters will not have as great an impact on productivity. Employees can access the systems and information that they need from almost any location. We can also offer additional support while your business recovers from a disaster and gets back to business as usual.

ClubDrive Systems – the Solution for Reduced Productivity

ClubDrive Systems provides a range of managed IT services designed to combat reduced productivity and keep your business online. We monitor network traffic and access, ensuring that sensitive data is safe in our secure date centers.

To learn more about how we can tailor cloud-hosted services to the specific needs of your business, call and speak to one of our Managed IT specialists in Georgia today!

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