What is a computer virus?

There are plenty of nasty diseases going around these days. Colds, flus and oh yeah . . . computer viruses. They may not be as painful to your body as a cold or flu but they can do serious damage to your hardware – and your business. But how exactly do they do that?


A computer virus is actually software, but not the kind you want on your devices. It’s made to copy itself over and over so it can spread from machine to machine. The software is specifically designed to make your computer fail in one way or another.

Sneaky and sinister

You may not even know you have a virus on your computer until it’s too late. They’re usually designed to silently spread throughout your system. There’s no alert that tells you that you have a virus so you keep working on the computer, completely unaware of the damage being done.

Protect your computers from viruses today

The best thing you can do to fight against viruses is have a good anti-virus program installed on your computers. But even then, sometimes a virus is able to sneak through. At ClubDrive, we store your data on a secure server. If you ever lose access to it on your PC (personal computer) or laptop from a virus, your copy of the data is safe with us, and we can get you access to it quickly. Call today to learn more.

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