What happens when your mobile device isn’t secured?

Internet users are at risk for attack by virus-laden programs all over the world. These attacks often come when users work with programs such as Java, Acrobat Reader and Internet Explorer on their PC’s (personal computers). However, hackers are getting smarter. Nowadays, they’re trying to sneak in any way they can, and that includes your smartphone, iPads, and other mobile devices


Sometimes, hackers will just try to spam you. This usually involves sending “phishing” e-mails, designed to get you to hand over money for fake charities or bogus products. But some of the e-mails carry attachments with viruses. If you download one of these attachments on a mobile device, you could infect it, making information you store there free for the taking.

Identify theft

Identity theft is another threat that exists when your mobile device is not secured. Hackers can get at crucial information like your social security number. They can then use this and other private data to steal your identify. This could mean making purchases and opening accounts in your name. You may have to “prove you are you” when doing things like applying for a loan.

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