What happens if you DON’T move to the cloud?

These days, you hear a lot about the importance of moving certain aspects of your company’s data to the cloud. And maybe you think, “Yeah, yeah – when I get around to it. Right now I’ve got too much on my plate. What’s the rush anyway?” The answer may actually turn out to be “quite a lot!”

You may lose money

Every business wants to save money, but not having data on the cloud may send that money circling the drain. Cash flow that could pay only for needed services on a monthly basis is instead tied up in your current technological infrastructure. That means there’s none left over to shift operational costs toward business growth. A large chunk of your profits just goes into buying server after server … after server.

You may fail to meet compliance requirements

Clients trust you with their sensitive data, but not having it on the cloud may put that data at risk. Increasing governmental and industry requirements mean the need for security will only grow, and the cloud may be your best bet to cost-effectively meet their mandates.

Are you ready to avoid a data-pocalypse?

If you’re ready to avoid data disasters (and save money in the process), contact ClubDrive today. We’ll steer you toward the best way to put your data on the cloud … and open up the possibilities that await when you do!

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