What can we learn from the Facebook data breach?

On Sept. 28, 2018, Facebook announced that its network suffered an attack. The result was that the data of almost 50 million users was compromised. While Facebook has since addressed the issue and informed any users who might have been impacted, much can be learned about safety and security online from this massive breach.

A data breach can happen to anyone

If you think that data breaches only happen to mom-and pop operations, think again. If it can happen to a company as well-known, well-branded and well-funded as Facebook, it can happen to you. That’s why you need to take steps to secure your data, even if you think you’re too “small” for cybercriminals to bother with.

You can’t afford to ignore security

If you’ve been putting off getting security for the digital components of your business, or are in the process of converting to cloud-based applications, you can’t ignore online security any longer. All it would take is one breach like this to bring down a company like Facebook – and yours as well.

You need security you can trust

Now that you know online security is crucial, you need to outsource it to a company you can trust. ClubDrive’s outstanding reputation in the field – as well as our unsurpassed customer service – means we have what it takes to keep your business secure … wherever you choose to practice it.

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