What Are the Top IT Security Challenges for Your Business?

No matter how you look at it, the top IT security challenge for your business is budget constraints. The technology to combat attacks from bad actors is out there, albeit ever changing, but small-to-medium businesses simply cannot afford to implement necessary upgrades.

A survey from the Chartered Institute of Information Security showed that 45% of respondents felt that the inability to access resources hampered IT security efforts. For hackers looking for vulnerabilities and backdoors into sensitive IT systems, that number represents golden opportunities.

The next stumbling block that growing companies faced is lack of skills and experience in the workforce; especially when it comes to hiring IT security specialists. Again, budgetary constraints play a major role in business managers being able to pick from the cream of the crop.

Budget Vs Innovation

IT security is not a one-time upgrade. As technology evolves, so too must the IT security systems that protect sensitive data. Basically, an IT security budget will rise in line with the innovations that businesses need to keep data secure. With all the other costs associated with keeping business processes running, such as purchasing replacement stock and paying employees, splashing out for enhanced IT security simply is not feasible.

Processes and technology are not the only factors in reinforcing IT security. The majority of cyber security professionals agree that people represent the biggest challenge. If a business cannot hire a team of IT professionals or provide adequate security training for employees, even the best processes and technology is vulnerable to breach.

However, it is not all doom and gloom. Small-to-medium businesses do have options when it comes to protecting customer or client data. One of the reasons that things are getting better for businesses on a budget is access to cloud-based IT. A business can host all its IT processes on secure servers that are offsite, reducing the need for in-house infrastructure and maintenance.

System Defense Concerns

As far as the cyber security industry is concerned, less than 50% of industry professionals believe that much improvement has been achieved when it comes to defending against attacks. However, that number does not necessarily paint a true picture of the direction in which IT security is moving. For example, a business that has around-the-clock monitoring of network traffic, server access, password security and more will enjoy a much greater level of security and peace-of-mind.

Many of the negative associations that many IT professionals have about cyber security center around the perception that breaches are dealt with retroactively. However, a managed IT service that includes proactive management of potential threats is an entirely different approach. At ClubDrive Systems, we specialize in providing our customers with solutions that mitigate the challenges of budgetary constraints while offering a superior level of security.

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