Upgrading Hardware and Software to Support Expanding Business Objectives 

A business can tick along nicely with limited IT hardware, software and infrastructure needs. However, once you take on more customers or increased objectives, you will also need to improve computer processing and networking capabilities.

For many SME owners, updating IT equipment is a huge undertaking. It is important to upgrade hardware and software in line with business objectives. Unfortunately, budgeting constraints may not allow you to purchase the most high-end products. Limited expertise in the implementation of IT resources is also a potential stumbling block.

Telephone System

Does your business rely on voice communication to manage relationships with customers or vendors? If a telephone system is important to your business, there are several considerations when upscaling. Think about the features you will need to keep people connected.

Some businesses can operate with a traditional landline service, whereas others may need to branch out to voice over internet protocol (VoiP) and cell phones. Working with an IT consultant who can provide recommendations will help you make the right choices.

Electronic Communication Solutions

While telephone communication still reigns supreme, electronic communication is the preferred medium for many businesses and customers. Email is the most common way for businesses to connect with customers and vendors. IM through social media and your business website are also options to expand communication channels.

No matter which form of electronic communication you choose, security is paramount. Emails are vulnerable to phishing and the delivery of viruses. However, hackers may attempt to hijack social media accounts and websites through instant message scams.

Networking & Internet

As a business grows, your current network setup and configuration may struggle with the increase in traffic. There is also a greater risk to security if the network is not adequately protected. Working with a networking specialist will help you navigate all the challenges of updating your computing capabilities.

Network management and monitoring is a service that can protect your business from cybercriminals. ClubDrive Systems offers networking consultation services that are tailored toward new and growing businesses.

Processing Power

With increased workload for your IT resources, processing power will likely need upgraded. Industry specialists will understand which components are most suited to each process. However, for the average SME business owner, most specifications will read like jargon.

Due to the fact that subpar processing can result in computer crashes and downtime, this is one area where you should seek advice. At ClubDrive Systems, our consultants can match the right IT resources to your business objectives.

Data Storage

Smaller businesses often rely on local hard drives for data storage. When you have a limited number of customers, this solution will usually suffice. However, there are potential downsides to putting all your eggs in one basket. Hardware failure can result in the loss of data. You may also find that hard drives run out of space when customer and vendor engagement increases.

Onsite servers are one way to resolve these issues. Alternatively, businesses can look to cloud based hosting for enhanced data security. Your data is stored in secure servers, with regular backups to enable disaster recovery.

Software Upgrades

Older software may not support your enhanced business processes. If you are considering upgrading or purchasing new software, a consultation with ClubDrive Systems is recommended. We can help you choose the right suites to handle your customer and vendor interactions.

ClubDrive can also manage the rollout of upgrades, patching of software and provide a help desk service. Specialist troubleshooting can deal with password issues, investigate potential cyberattacks, resolve software and system failures and more.

These are some of the most common upgrades that expanding businesses will need to navigate. The ClubDrive Systems team is equipped to provide guidance and recommendations to any industry. We can also help you identify issues that may compromise compliance with any applicable data handling and privacy laws.

Call ClubDrive Systems today if you need to procure new IT resources or upgrade existing capabilities. 

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