Seven Benefits of Office 365 for Your Business

If you own or run a business that relies on word processing, calculation software and email, you are likely already using Microsoft Office or a similar group of products. For many businesses, the prospect of changing to Office 365 is appealing for several reasons. Scalability, ease of access and security are the main benefits of MicroSoft Office 365, but there is so much more to unpack.

1. Access When and Where You Work

Office 365 is made up of cloud-based applications, which means as long as there is access to the internet, you and your employees can work without constraints. A single-user license for Office 365 will cover five separate devices, with data instantly synced on each. Realistically, that means there is the potential to significantly increase productivity and reduce downtime when traveling on the job. This aspect of Office 365 can also improve employee morale, as work doesn’t have to exist in any set location.

2. Ease of Collaboration

Collaboration with Office 365 is made easy thanks to cloud-based technology that is designed for sharing information quickly and securely. You have the option of accessing instant messaging or conferencing through additions such as Skype for business, or employees can use SharePoint to collaborate on documents without risk of duplication. All of this is achieved in a secure cloud-based environment where internal and external data is protected from potential bad actors.

3. Secure Datacenters

At ClubDrive, we understand the importance of security to our clients. Microsoft provides access to datacenters that ensure your data is always available and secure. Businesses can tailor protection to help ward off phishing attacks and filter out any potentially malicious emails. Stand-alone packages may include vulnerabilities that require you, as a business, to manually install security updates. With Office 365, cloud-based updates are constantly being rolled out to eliminate any vulnerabilities.

4. Flexible Business Solutions

When you commit to purchasing stand-alone office software, it may come at a high cost with very little in the way of flexibility. Office 365 is a tailored business solution that businesses can upgrade or downgrade for improved scalability. Licenses and add-ons can be rolled out in minutes when you contact ClubDrive.

5. Manageable Monthly Cost

Upfront costs for software do not always allow businesses working with a tight budget to effectively scale the business. Then you have associated onsite infrastructure and IT management to consider. With a monthly subscription, you know exactly what to expect and will benefit from a package that is guaranteed to deliver on flexibility, security and ease of use with Office 365.

6. Superior Business Support

ClubDrive offers superior support for your business when you switch to Office 365. This is your opportunity to scale your business operations quickly, effectively and at an affordable cost. We provide all-around support for Office 365 applications from rolling out licenses to new add-ons. Setting up new users and removing employees who have left the business with ease will help bolster security and protect customer data.

7. Cloud-Hosted Software Means No Servers!

Do you need to free up space in your offices? If you are using physical servers to host in-house software, that footprint can be reduced by relying on cloud-hosted software solutions, including Office 365. ClubDrive provides many cloud-hosted IT solutions for businesses just like yours.

If you would like to learn more about the benefits of Office 365 for your business, ClubDrive is here to help. Call and speak to one of our specialists today if you want to scale your business with managed IT solutions.

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