Scammers and Hackers Exploit COVID-19 Emergency

The world is in the midst of the greatest health crisis since the Spanish flu. However, that hasn’t stopped scammers and hackers. In fact, unscrupulous players are actually taking advantage of the emergency in several ways. It is therefore important for both employees and businesses to remain vigilant at this time.

Robust security measures and protocols are essential, coupled with updated employee training. Businesses that are not prepared for the threat potentially stand to lose millions. It is always better to prevent, rather than react, to cybersecurity risks. The alternative does not bear contemplation.

Email Phishing Scams

Businesses worldwide are reporting an uptick in email phishing scams related to COVID-19. These emails often claim to come from financial or government organizations. Departments that deal with finances are the most likely target, but all employees should exercise additional caution when dealing with incoming emails.

As a rule of thumb, organizations do not ask for sensitive information via email. Additionally, handling of such information should be closely controlled by a single department or individual. Scammers and hackers rely on employee ignorance of established cybersecurity protocols. Now is the time to roll out updates, so that your employees know how to handle information requests.

Network Breaches

With so many businesses operating with reduced IT support, cyber criminals know that it is the ideal time to attack networks. A breach of data can cost your business more than money. Loss of customer confidence can cause serious harm to a company’s reputation. If your network is not being sufficiently monitored, hackers will have a much easier time finding entry points without fear of discovery.

Businesses that traditionally rely on onsite support should consider alternative measures, such as remote network monitoring and security. ClubDrive can offer a number of IT support solutions that will reinforce your network, keeping sensitive data safe from nefarious individuals or groups.

Brute Force Attacks

Unlike entering a network or server through vulnerabilities or backdoors, a brute force attack targets password protected access points. During a time when a business has full IT support, this method is less likely as an option for hackers. Password protection protocols will quickly flag a brute force attempt, allowing your cybersecurity personnel to protect targeted systems.

If a brute force attack is attempted when IT support is on a skeleton staff, hackers could infiltrate your systems. Preventing the theft of customer information and unauthorized financial transactions are just some of the reasons your business should be concerned about an increase in brute force attacks.

Working Remotely

Businesses that are able to allow some employees to work from home are also at risk. If an employee has access to sensitive data, it is important to ensure that storage and transmission of that data is secure. Cloud hosted solutions are the most effective way to prevent scammers or hackers from accessing systems and data when working remotely. With greater assurances that access points are being monitored, businesses can continue to operate with minimal disruption during this time of uncertainty.

It is also worth considering that there are numerous other potential benefits of moving to cloud hosted IT. Data is secured on offsite servers, networks and password access is closely monitored and IT support is readily available. All this while your employees are safe at home, continuing to deliver for customers and clients.

If you would like further advice on keeping sensitive information and systems secure during the COVID-19 crisis, ClubDrive can help. We are industry leaders in providing robust IT support, including cloud hosted systems and data storage. Call today to speak with an experienced consultant.

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