Proactive Maintenance of IT Resources is Essential to Business Services

There are very few businesses that do not require or benefit from the use of IT resources. From web connectivity to the ability to process customer orders, companies all over the world remain competitive by embracing technology.

While these advances are propelling businesses to heights that were previously unachievable, there are downsides. Bad actors, such as cybercriminals, have the tools and knowhow to exploit IT resources. This leaves your company or organization vulnerable to security breaches that could result in the compromise or theft of data.

Small- to medium-sized businesses often take a reactive approach to cybersecurity. Rather than identifying vulnerabilities, these organizations wait until an attack happens before taking measures. Unfortunately, once a cybercriminal or enterprise has secured data or control of IT processes, you are unlikely to resolve the situation without damage to the business or customer privacy.

Intrusion Detection & Network Monitoring

Network access points are the most popular target for many cybercriminals. When your business has proactive protections against intrusion, the risk of a breach is greatly reduced. Software like virus protection and firewalls go a long way toward protecting your network.

However, there are also tailored solutions for monitoring and managing computer networks. Intrusion detection is a process that involves actively looking for vulnerabilities in networks, processes, software and devices. When your business has a reputation and customer data to protect, this approach to cybersecurity may prove invaluable.

Email Phishing & Spam Protection

Emails are another popular target for cybercriminals who are attempting to steal data or hold businesses to ransom. Links that lead to fake login pages, download viruses or otherwise trick employees into disclosing sensitive information like usernames and passwords are just some examples of scams deployed through email phishing and spam.

Basic filters are not able to catch the more sophisticated phishing and spam emails that are targeted specifically toward businesses. With advanced protection, you can keep your IT resources protected against cybersecurity threats that are disguised as innocent correspondence.

Employee Training & Education

In most cases, cybercriminals rely on the exploitation of employees to deploy viruses and other tools necessary to breach data and systems. The reason for this is simple: the majority of cybersecurity threats are unsophisticated and require action on the part of individuals within the targeted business.

Training and educating employees is not a one-time deal. The world of IT changes rapidly, so security measures that were relevant six months ago are now obsolete. It is therefore essential that businesses create scheduled and current opportunities for employees to reinforce ongoing philosophies and introduce any new security practices.

Compliance & Security Audits

If compliance is a big deal for your business or industry, running afoul of laws and regulations may prove costly. Once an audit is complete, it is too late to retrospectively make changes. The only purpose of this process is to identify security flaws that have or could compromise sensitive data.

You can use the lessons gleaned from an audit to make improvements; however, some businesses will face sanctions for failing to protect customer information. Depending on the industry, the result of a bad audit could leave your business in serious financial or legal jeopardy. There is also the issue of lost trust when customers or clients discover that data security at your business is less than stellar.

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