Monitoring Your Business Network helps Improve Productivity

If your business relies on a computer network as part of your IT infrastructure, chances are you will experience downtime at some point. However, identifying and fixing the problem is what really leads to unnecessary downtime. In some instances, you may even discover that the network is not the problem.

The unfortunate reality when it comes to networks is that they are usually the scapegoat when there is a business-wide slowdown or loss of connection. While it is true that the network is statistically the most likely source of the issue, jumping to that assumption breaks the fundamental rules of troubleshooting.

Defending your Network Integrity

Defending your network integrity takes on an entirely new meaning when discussing IT departmental responsibilities. Other departments laying blame at the door of the network administrator is not uncommon in businesses with multiple IT departments.

Without the right tools and processes, it can take a significant period of time to identify if there are any issues with the network. In the meantime, your employees are left with no access to essential systems and data. With network monitoring and management, this unnecessary downtime is avoidable.

Network Monitoring & Management

Network monitoring and management covers a broad range of potential services. Perhaps the most pertinent to this conversation, but by no means the only beneficial tool, is automated troubleshooting. This involves network specialists having the ability to proactively identify potential problems and react accordingly.

This results in significant reduction of downtime while also eliminating the potential for the usual blame-game scenarios associated with IT crashes. If network monitoring and management already sounds like a money saving service, there are other tools and processes which may interest you.

A network monitoring and management service can ensure that your data, systems and processes work effectively. Without IT specialists who can make sure that the network is secure, sensitive information may be at risk of infiltration from hackers. There are other issues that can are avoidable with network monitoring and management.

Enhanced Network Troubleshooting

As already mentioned, network troubleshooting can become the subject of dispute between on-site departments and 3rd party vendors. Identifying who is responsible for solving IT problems is an essential part of reducing downtime.

The tools available with a network monitoring and management service are often invaluable to a growing business. Data on network traffic, access and performance is constantly recorded and fed back to offsite network administrators who are impartial in their duties.

Whenever there is a problem on the network, it is immediately flagged and an alert is sent to the administration team. The information available allows troubleshooting to quickly identify and resolve the problem – if the network is the source.

Essentially, network issues are identified before users even come into the equation. If your business relies on employees using networked IT, you want to know that they can continue to work without impediment. By eliminating problems on the network proactively, one of the major causes of downtime is preventable.

Network Diagnosis & Performance Enhancement

Network monitoring and management is not solely concentrated on failures. Performance analysis is an ongoing part of the service. Recording historical performance data allows the administration team to improve network configuration and processes.

With the rapid pace at which IT changes and improves, it is essential that your network is set up in the right way. Achieving optimization is only possible when the network is able to feed your company the information needed to adapt and improve.

Is your IT network a source of unnecessary downtime? Speak to the network monitoring and management specialists at ClubDrive today. We have solutions that are suited to every industry and IT infrastructure.

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