Managing All Your Business IT Needs is a Full-time Commitment

As a business owner or operator, have you ever sat down and considered how much effort it takes to manage IT? There are several areas that require specially-trained staff to manage processes. Hiring and training these employees takes time and money, which could be dedicated to growing your business.

Managing, monitoring and protecting your network and other IT assets are essential. Depending on the size and nature of your business, the number of employees needed may range from a single specialist to an entire department. There are more effective and affordable solutions, including managed IT services.

Cloud Computing

Cloud computing is one such solution that will transform your IT business processes and practices. Rather than relying on a local network, all your resources are handled remotely. There are several benefits to cloud hosted services, including: Reduced reliance on local hardware, secure data handling, network monitoring and management and smooth rollout of new or updated software.

With cloud computing, your employees can work from anywhere there is an accessible internet connection. If you have sales reps out on the road, they can update customer profiles instantly. Working from home is also an option with cloud computing. With everything hosted on the cloud, you can expand how your business operates and upscale without barriers.

Data & Network Security

The most vulnerable aspect of any IT-dependent business is the data that is handled on a computer network. Hackers look for back doors and other compromised access points. Without specialist employees managing and monitoring your network, customer or client data is at risk. Managed IT services can include protecting your network from bad actors. Any unusual activity is detected and flagged in real-time, safeguarding your business reputation and any sensitive data.

All access to your network is secured and closely monitored. Only authorized employees are permitted access to sensitive information. You can dictate security protocols for each business process, which will ensure that all network activity is tightly controlled, tracked and recorded. Network management and monitoring is also an ideal solution for businesses that are subject to compliance laws and regulations.

Vendor Management

Managing vendors is challenging for small to medium businesses. When you rely on multiple vendors to keep your processes running, hiring or training specialist employees is expensive and time consuming. Negotiating and building relationships with vendors is a full-time job. Your business could be losing money by paying more for equipment and other third-party products if you can’t dedicate resources to managing vendors.

From paying vendors on time to ensuring beneficial relationships, businesses may face several challenges when dealing with third-party suppliers. Managed IT provides solutions for these challenges that free up the time of employees so your business can concentrate on expansion.

Software Management

Dealing with software updates, licenses, installation and troubleshooting are all processes that can result in unnecessary downtime. The benefit of cloud hosting when it comes to software is the smooth rollout of new versions, patches and new installations. All these processes are handled remotely – usually outside of business hours – so that your employees are not left without access to the tools they need.

The problem with in-house IT services for troubleshooting is that your business may be paying employees a salary that doesn’t reflect their necessity. For instance, if your employees only raise two troubleshooting queries a week, that may account for two hours work for a dedicated IT specialist. Remote troubleshooting from ClubDrive is a more affordable and effective option.

If you would like to learn more about remote IT management, reach out to ClubDrive today. We can develop tailored solutions to meet the needs and aspirations of your business.

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