Making Employees Better with Cybersecurity Support

Increasing the efficiency and security of IT infrastructure will result in countless benefits for your business. While it is important to think about processes, data safety and integrity, there is another consideration that is often neglected. You can make your employees better with cybersecurity support.

Although your business may rely on keeping data safe, it is your employees who make processes work. From Customer Relationship Management (CRM) software to network access, employees are in control of your customer or client information. Giving them the tools and education they need to fulfill that role effectively is therefore crucial to making your business successful.

The prosperity of your business is obviously a major goal. However, it is important to create a working environment that empowers your employees and helps them to flourish. Improved IT infrastructure is only one part of the picture. Educating your people on the how’s and why’s will bring greater benefits for all.

Data Security

Protecting the data of customers, clients and vendors is absolutely essential for any business in the modern age. A single data breach can cost you in several ways. Loss of trust can significantly reduce footfall, phone calls and online purchases. This is a direct result of customers no longer feeling safe sharing sensitive personal or financial information with you.

Teaching employees their role in data protection promotes a sense of ownership. Cybersecurity threats are a constant, with some estimates placing the rate of attack at every 21 seconds in general. With the right knowledge, the people that are charged with keeping data secure can prevent a costly breach of your network.

Improved Productivity

Estimates suggest that 16% of U.S. citizens are not computer proficient. That percentage is based on basic understanding of technology. When you transfer those skills to the workplace, the number may drastically increase depending on several factors.

As your IT infrastructure become more complex, some employees may feel left behind. As a business, it makes sense to support those employees. Education is a key component in cybersecurity and should permeate throughout every aspect of daily processes.

Employees are more productive when they can take ownership of processes. This includes the ability to troubleshoot and resolve basic IT issues. Knowing what is in-house and what needs escalated can have a major impact on productivity. This can only happen when there is a focus on providing IT and cybersecurity education.

Developing Employees

There is a school of thought that businesses should always work to retain model employees. This is true – up to a point. How and why people leave your business is important. If you give your people the tools to grow and develop, that is always a good thing.

Most employees will stay with a company if the culture is positive, wages reflect the role expectations and there is space to progress. Some of your people may also choose to move on for reasons that are theirs and theirs alone. This is not necessarily a bad reflection on the business. In fact, nurturing employees is a positive.

IT Support with a Difference

At ClubDrive Systems, we believe that your employees play a crucial role in making cybersecurity and IT processes work. Without the people on the front line defending sensitive data and ensuring the customer journey is exceptional, your business may not succeed.

If you use computerized processes to meet business objectives, creating cybersecurity protocols is essential. ClubDrive offers consultation to determine the level of protection and support that you need. To learn how ClubDrive can make your company a better place to work, reach out for a consultation today.

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