Look out for these 3 cyber threats

There’s never been a better time to be a cyber criminal. As more and more people are on electronic devices every day, crucial data is just there for the taking. Make sure you’re not at risk for any of the following cyber threats:

Bank attacks

You don’t need a handkerchief over half your face or a getaway car to rob a bank anymore. These days, criminals are doing it digitally. All you have to do is zero in on bank employees through malware in their e-mails. Once the employees’ devices are infected, the crooks can transfer funds to their own accounts – amounts sometimes in the billion-dollar range.

Healthcare attacks

It’s not only banks that face serious cyber threats; healthcare institutions are at risk for them as well. But in this case, hackers aren’t usually looking directly for money. Instead, they want data they can mine for – data that has serious material value. This data can be used for identify theft, insurance fraud and a host of other crimes.

Mobile attacks

Healthcare data isn’t the only type hackers seek. Without the right protection, they can quickly get private data from your mobile phone, tablet or laptop. This can lead to your becoming a victim of fraud, extortion or even blackmail.

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