IT Equipment Challenges that are Avoidable

If you run a business, managing equipment is always challenging. When it comes to IT, those challenges can become a nightmare. Without the requisite knowledge, you could be facing an uphill struggle. It is important to consider your processes and install hardware accordingly.

The world of information technology is always changing. For small-to-medium businesses, this means always having to upgrade hardware and software. If you don’t have the dedicated staff to make those decisions, you’re left with equipment that is out-of-date and incapable of delivering results.

Upgrading IT Equipment

Most businesses tend to upgrade according to manufacturer recommendations. As long as performance is optimal, this is a good strategy. However, when your business is growing and hardware is pushed to its limits, its lifespan is significantly decreased.

You may find that equipment like hard drives, servers and even networking equipment begin to fail long before manufacturer recommendations. This is typically a sign of a thriving business. The problem is, you may need to upgrade equipment sooner than you thought.

Any piece of hardware that is pushed beyond its capabilities is going to wear out sooner. When your business processes grow faster than your budget, you may have to make difficult decisions. Upgrading hardware is costly. Making the right purchasing choices can make the difference between throwing money away and investing in a business that grows without inhibitions.

Hardware Loss of Value

Over time, hardware loses value. The estimate you get from the manufacturer is based on average use. If your business is expanding rapidly, that usage is going to increase beyond what the equipment is capable of handling.

You may find that IT equipment degrades faster than expected. Processes will slow down and the quality of data will degrade. In turn, customers will lose faith in your business and may even launch legal proceedings if data is compromised.

Data security is reliant on using IT equipment that is up to the task. If your hard drives and severs are failing, security vulnerabilities can allow hackers to access sensitive information. Most hardware has a five year turnover, but this recommendation depends on levels of stress on the equipment.

Control of IT Services

Control of IT is another issue that impacts the effective use of hardware. The more physical machines you use, the greater the chance of a breach. Cloud hosting reduces reliance on onsite equipment, which ultimately prevents hackers and other bad actors from accessing sensitive data.

When you switch to the cloud, physical computer reliance is reduced. You can safely manage customer interactions and business processes. Fewer computers means reduced upgrade and repair needs. A virtual environment is secure and accessible from anywhere in the world.

IT Managed Services

IT managed services can encompass some or all of your technology needs. From network management to helpdesk services, you have access to all the support you need. Businesses that must adhere to compliance rules and regulations will benefit from controlled IT services.

At ClubDrive, we are committed to finding solutions that reduce your equipment costs. We understand the challenges that small-to-medium businesses must overcome in order to expand. The viability of physical IT hardware is always a concern. Our team can take care of upgrades, replacement or recommending alternative solutions.

Call ClubDrive if you would like to learn more about our equipment purchasing and recycling services. We also offer managed IT services for businesses of any size.

Reach out to a member of our team today to discuss your business needs. We look forward to partnering with you to create a better future for your business and ours.

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