Is Your Company Network Secure?

No one has to convince you that nefarious threats to your company network exist. They can attack from many fronts, and with added applications and users comes an increased risk of vulnerability. Keeping your company network secure means protecting the usability and integrity of your network and important data. Both hardware and software technology are involved.

A secure company network must manage access to the network. The ideal defense involves multiple layers of security beginning at the outer edge and progressing within the network. These security layers implement various controls and policies that allow authorized users access to network resources while denying access to malicious actors who are intent on exploitation.

Every business needs a holistic security solution to protect its network and data. Is your company network secure? Follow these steps to secure your company network.

Monitor Your Network Traffic 

Basic network security begins with continuously monitoring the traffic coming in and going out your network firewall, and not relying on alerts alone to flag suspicious activity. Examine all network traffic reports carefully for ambiguities. Make sure team members understand the data from these reports and alerts and can take the necessary actions immediately.

Stay Educated on Threats

Subscribe to online resources that discover and report on new threats as they arise. Review emails or messages from these services and be sure you are aware of any actions needed to protect your company network. One great resource is the U.S. Computer Emergency Readiness Team (US-CERT, a division of Homeland Security). They stay up to date and will email alerts about recent software vulnerabilities and exploits.

Keep Your Main Defenses Updated

Your main frontline defenses are your firewall and anti-virus software. These are designed to prevent threats from getting in, but they are only as strong as you allow. Always make sure you have regular updates enabled, and check to ensure that updates are being downloaded and installed to your system. This is a simple, yet often overlooked, security protocol that can leave your company network wide open to attack.

Train All Employees on Network Security Protocols

The weakest link in keeping any company network secure is the human factor. Most network penetrations come through an employee clicking a link in an email or downloading a video or attachment that contains trouble. Employees should be trained and regularly retrained about network security protocols concerning email, links, attachments, passwords and more. Any suspicious activity should always be reported immediately.

Back Up Your Data

Regular, secure backups of your data are a vital data protection solution. If your network’s security is breached, your vital data is copied and stored in another secure location, so repairs and rebuilding can begin as soon as the intrusion is remedied. Many solutions exist for secure backups, including cloud storage.

Contract Expert Network Monitoring and Management 

Is your company having trouble managing network security? Why not contract a professional team to keep your company network secure? ClubDrive Systems can monitor and manage your company network to ensure security and performance. Our team can manage all traffic on the network, including attempts to access hosted systems and applications. Our network security services handle and store your sensitive data safely in impenetrable data centers for guaranteed peace-of-mind.

Help your company reach new levels of productivity and security by contracting ClubDrive Systems Network Security and Management. We offer cloud-hosted services, with enhanced network security and excellent managed service consultations.

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