Is Your Business or Organization Accurately Assessing Cyber Threat Risk?

Doing business or running an organization in an age where cyber threats are becoming increasingly more sophisticated is a challenge. The manipulation, corruption and control of sensitive data on poorly managed or unsecured servers are happening at unprecedented levels. Organized cybercriminals, certain nation-states and other bad actors are largely responsible for these data breaches, but even garden-variety hackers have been known to bring entire corporate networks to their knees.

If you are not accurately assessing cyber threats, both from within and without, the data held on your servers are at risk from these bad actors. Detecting such threats is the first struggle that many organizations face. In the vast majority of cases, cyber threats are what are known as “low and slow.” Groups that seek to gain access to data for clandestine purposes do not want you to know that they are accessing the network or servers that hold valuable information.

Threat intelligence is a concept that allows a business or organization to gain visibility of potential threats outside of the network. If you want to effectively detect and eliminate external cyber threats, knowing what is going on beyond the borders of the network is essential. Unfortunately, most small to medium businesses do not have the resources or infrastructure to combat threats in this way due to budgeting constraints.

Proactive Cyber Threat Detection

The network border is most simply defined as where your access to the network theoretically ends. However, in the world of cybersecurity, it is important to extend beyond the network border to assess cyber threats. Offline threats and a background of assets beyond the network play an important role in cyber threat research. The monitoring of domain names and IP address ranges such as CIDR blocks provides an effective first defense against a large number of cyber threats.

The problem for businesses that have a limited budget is that these tasks require the skills of highly trained and experienced professionals. A cyber threat analysis also requires sophisticated software and other tools that come at a cost. Sometimes businesses have scaled up to a point where these precautions are necessary but don’t necessarily have the resources to monitor cyber threats effectively.

ClubDrive Systems offers solutions that allow businesses of any size or scale to ensure that customer or client data is secure, with proactive detection of cyber threats. All traffic on the network and beyond is closely monitored for signs of attack. We understand the risk to your data and what it means for business continuity.

ClubDrive Systems Cyber Security Solutions

At ClubDrive Systems, we provide complete network, server and infrastructure data monitoring. Every aspect of your IT reliance is proactively protected against cyber threats from bad actors. Any unusual activity is flagged, and the network journey terminated where threats are identified. By denying access to the systems and servers that hold your business-crucial data in these instances, the ClubDrive Systems team can ensure that only authorized access is granted.

In addition to monitoring your network for unusual traffic or activity, ClubDrive Systems can help you establish effective authentication protocols for users. Not all cyber threats originate from external sources. In many cases, internal bad actors can operate undetected when networks, servers and crucial customer relationship management (CRMs) applications are not secure.

If you would like to learn more about securing your company and customer data against cyber threats with cloud managed services, reach out to the experts at ClubDrive Systems. We understand the landscape of cybersecurity and are always one step ahead when it comes to detecting and eliminating both internal and external cyber threats.

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