Is that a “tier” in your eye?

Are the different data center tiers especially confusing to you? Do you feel like breaking down into, well, tears when you try to contemplate them? Here’s a quick guide to tiers that we promise won’t make you cry!

Tier one

This is the lowest tier available. In general, it has the most downtime, but can be more affordable for small business owners. There is little-to-no redundancy (i.e., backup measures) in this system.

Tier two

This tier has slightly less downtime than Tier one. There are also a few redundant components included in the system, such as additional cooling and generators. This makes it slightly more reliable than the previous tier.

Tier three

Tier three is often better for larger companies, since the former’s uptime is especially high, with better redundancy. Maintenance and repairs can usually be done without shutting the entire system down.

Tier four

Tier four has everything that the first three tiers have, in addition to full redundancy. They also come with at least four days of protection against a power outage.

Tier five

Tier five is the newest tier available, generally considered to be the most premier tier. Incorporating all aspects of tier four, it is also required to run on local and renewable power sources.

Still confused about tiers? Talk to ClubDrive today about which one is best for you!

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