High returns are expected on data center investments

Everyone wants a high return on their investments, but those who put their money into data centers may really have something to celebrate. According to a recent survey by CBRE (a commercial real estate service), most of those who invested in North American data centers expect a 10 percent – or more – return for their efforts. Read on to see why – and what this might mean for your company.

Building on past success

In 2017, the data center sector saw a record level of investment, which grew as expected in 2018. It’s believed that global digitization trends resulted in an optimism that had investors plunking down their funds – and seeing the rewards. Investment levels are expected to rise even higher as the year progresses.

Why the big jump?

Is there any evidence to suggest that investors’ optimism is warranted? There may very well be. As more people around the world gain online access (often via smartphones), companies see the logic in making their operations more digital-centric. This means that, as their IT (information technology) needs climb, so might their use of data centers.

Does your company need a new IT department?

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