Going Into 2022 With Superior Cybersecurity and IT Resources

As we settle into 2022, businesses need to think about better data security, storage and processing. Customers and clients will expect a higher standard of service, which is achievable when your IT resources meet the demands of the business. 

There are several areas where you can easily improve IT resources without a large budget. Businesses that are attempting to scale up need reliable data processing and storage capabilities. Security is also a major concern as cybercriminals get more effective at breaching networks and computer systems.

Data & Network Security

Application security, data security, identity and access are just some of the ways that businesses can protect sensitive information from cybercriminals. With software, monitoring and employee education, you can proactively fight against attacks from bad players. However, your computer network is the most vulnerable IT asset.

Managing and monitoring a network of computers that are connected to the internet can prevent unlawful access to data. Most cybercriminals attack from outside of the business, meaning that the network is a potential gateway. Weaknesses in your network are exploitable, so proactively searching for backdoors is the best way to keep your business processes secure.

Data Storage & Processing

If you are up-scaling in anticipation of an increase in customers or orders, your computer network will need greater processing capabilities. Storing large volumes of information onsite is not possible for many small-to-medium businesses. This method of data storage also comes with increased security concerns.

The alternative is cloud storage, which allows smaller businesses to benefit from offsite servers at a secure data bank. Businesses can save money by reducing reliance on physical storage. There is also the matter of security, as cloud hosting with a reputable company is far superior to what most smaller businesses can afford.

Helpdesk Support

How much time do you or your employees spend dealing with IT issues at your business? Could those resources be better used elsewhere in the business? Helpdesk support is a service that smaller businesses tend to overlook due to affordability. You do not need to hire an in-house IT specialist or create a dedicated department to deal with these issues. There are cost-effective solutions that give you all the same benefits.

A remote desktop team can see everything on your network and remotely access IT systems and processes. Employee downtime is often due to minor issues such as forgotten passwords, or IT problems that require troubleshooting. When you have access to a professional helpdesk, these problems are quickly resolved. The result is improved productivity and a better experience for your customers or clients.

PC Management & Monitoring

General PC and device management is a game changing service for many businesses. Productivity is essential to keeping processes running and customers happy. When computers experience faults or stop working altogether, your business is at risk of losing those customers.

Part of the problem is the reliance on onsite PCS and servers. While this infrastructure may provide essential space to store data, not all businesses have the budget necessary to facilitate in-house IT support. By switching to cloud hosted computing, you can reduce the footprint of physical hardware and benefit from remote computer management.

Network management and monitoring prevents cyber-attacks before criminals get close to your data. Offsite IT specialists can provide these services at a fraction of the cost of hiring one or more dedicated employees. When you are trying to grow your brand, cutting down on unnecessary spending is a great way to allocate your available budget to the areas of the business that most need it.

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