Five Ways an IT Disaster Can Destroy Your Business

Disaster recovery looks different for every business and industry. Before the advent of information technology, businesses used manual processes to restore data, protect privacy and reestablish productivity. In the modern age, you could lose everything without the right safeguards in place.

Information technology means processing and storing data. Businesses rely on physical and virtual environments for safe and secure storage. Disaster recovery plans should therefore consider the risks affecting data integrity and retrieval.

Corrupt Data

Information technology processes and systems are not infallible. Power outages, damaged storage devices, corrupted software failures and bad programming are some of the causes of data corruption. If you do not have a contingency plan for protecting your data and IT infrastructure, the loss could be devastating for your business.

It is important to back up data frequently to avoid corruption and loss. Reviewing hardware and software performance is also essential. Cloud hosting services can also reduce your reliance on physical devices, protecting data from corruption.

Loss of Access

Disaster events can result in loss of access to crucial data. Your business processes will come grinding to a halt. Weather, floods, fire and other disasters have a serious impact on productivity. Your business continuity plan should include proactive solutions for addressing these potential issues.

Cloud hosting and data storage allow businesses to access data from any supported device, anywhere in the world. As there is no need to physically recover data, access is instant and unaffected by disaster events.

Onsite Data Centers

Onsite data centers are useful for creating backups that you can use in the event of certain disasters. However, you are effectively putting all your eggs in the same basket. If a fire or flood destroys physical storage infrastructure, recovery is no longer possible.

By storing your data offsite at secure data centers, retrieval is fast and effective. You will reduce or eliminate downtime depending on the nature of the disaster. Small- to medium-sized businesses will greatly benefit from reducing reliance on physical infrastructure by moving to cloud hosted IT management.

Physical IT Infrastructure

At this stage, it is beginning to become clear that reliance on physical IT infrastructure increases the risk of data loss. Smaller businesses cannot afford dedicated offsite storage premises and equipment. If disaster does strike, there is a very good chance that those companies will lose everything.

Cloud hosting is a cost-effective solution for managing processes, storing data securely and recovering data in the event of a disaster. Your employees can also continue to provide services with remote access from an alternative location.

Loss of Data Integrity

If data is not accurate, complete, consistent and safe, your business may suffer. Loss of data integrity can occur for many reasons. Small- to medium-sized businesses may not have the resources to ensure data integrity. This can lead to loss of faith by customers and potential breach of compliance laws and regulations.

There are a range of proactive disaster recovery actions your business can take to ensure data integrity. The team at ClubDrive can provide services and solutions to keep your processes running safely and efficiently. We will identify issues with your software, hardware and other factors that impact on the information that you handle and store.

Disaster Recovery Consultation

ClubDrive would like to invite you to participate in a disaster recovery consultation. We specialize in strategies that protect IT systems and data integrity. Our team will create mapped processes for retrieving data and reestablishing business essential processes.

Call our offices today to learn more about the importance of disaster recovery and business continuity today.

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