Don’t be duped by sophisticated phishing

By now, most people know what “phishing” is. It’s not the kind of thing where you go out and catch seafood for dinner, but a cyber attack that tricks you into releasing private data. And it’s only gotten worse as time has gone on. Here are a few sophisticated phishing tactics you should be aware of.

Beautifully made web pages

In the past, you could usually discern (via a poorly made webpage) if you were about to be the victim of a phishing scam. The page supposedly belonging to a real company would have obvious errors, clunky graphics or similar signs that it wasn’t legitimate. But now, the artistry of phishing by copying legitimate company webpages (such as those of banks) has been taken it up a notch. Sometimes it can be hard to spot the real from the fake.

Genuine-looking sign-ins

Usually, once a phisher had your sign-in information (i.e., your username and password), it was game over. The sign-in would go nowhere and you’d realize you’d been duped. But now, sign-ins on fake pages actually take you somewhere, usually to an equally-convincing fake web page or even the real web page for the sign-in you just completed. So you might go about your business never realizing you’ve just been victimized.

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