Do You Need a Chief Information Officer (CIO)?

If you are operating a business that relies heavily on IT, the services of a Chief Information Officer (CIO) may become necessary. Scaling up will typically involve greater need for better data handling, quality and security. It is also likely that you will require upgrades to physical hardware.

The implementation of IT equipment, software and processes comes under the remit of a CIO. Budget considerations will also impact the ability of your business to grow. Hiring a dedicated specialist to handle these responsibilities comes with a yearly salary averaging over $100,000.

The reality is that most small-to-medium businesses cannot afford to pay a CIO without stretching the budget. If you want to scale up in a way that is affordable, managed IT services is a cost-effective alternative.

IT Network Services

The management and monitoring of a business network is essential. Hackers and other bad actors will attempt to steal, manipulate or corrupt data. Without proper oversights of your systems and security capabilities, your IT functions and processes are open to a breach.

To overcome budgeting restrictions, businesses can avail of services from a managed IT service. Specialists will proactively manage and monitor your network for any threats. The information gathered is then used to improve security and mitigate future risks.

Cloud Hosted Services

Hosting software on physical devices presents several problems. First of all, you need the hard drive space to store each program. Memory and processing capabilities are also an important consideration. Cloud hosting services is an alternative that allows you to limit how much is spent on software management.

All your essential programs, processes and data are stored on the cloud. This reduces reliance on physical IT infrastructure, and allows access from anywhere in the world. As long as employees have an internet connection and the right authorization, it is possible to work from home or on-the-go.

Security & Compliance

The reputation of a business may rely on keeping data protected. This area of IT management is more complicated that it sounds. There are several areas that you will need to address when managing or growing your company. How information is stored is important. However, the handling and integrity of that information deserves equal consideration.

IT specialists can assess how your business stores, handles and secures data. For some businesses, that may include analyzing processes to ensure that compliance and legal requirements are met. Auditing techniques are used to identify and address risk factors.

IT Helpdesk

A helpdesk service can help businesses grow in several ways. Your employees will receive rapid support with access issues and any troubleshooting needs. Additionally, these specialist agents can identify any problems with IT management, data handling, hardware or your network.

Information gathered by the helpdesk is recorded and used to inform future control of IT processes. In essence, this service can replicate many of the functions performed by a chief information officer. Businesses will also experience improved productivity thanks to the role that helpdesk agents play in keeping systems working.

ClubDrive IT Managed Services

At ClubDrive, we can cover all the roles of a CIO at a much lower cost. You can customize services according to the needs of your business. We work within a range of industries, applying adaptable practices that ensure the integrity, security and compliance of sensitive data.

Call our offices today for a consultation with a specialist in managed IT services. We look forward to watching your business grow with affordable services and expert support. If you are scaling up on a budget, find out what we can do for you today.

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