Desktop as a Service Is More Secure and Less Costly For Your Company

Desktop as a Service (DaaS) is a cloud-based service that allows you and your employees to access desktop services from any place with any smart device or computer. Instead of running programs and creating documents locally, on your own computer or on a company computer, employees can do it on a virtual desktop. Desktop as a Service has many advantages for companies and their employees. Desktop as a Service is an easy way to manage your company’s network and IT infrastructure from anywhere, enabling the network to go global.

Desktop as a Service is More Secure

A computer running on a company’s network requires programs to be set up like virus scanners and firewalls, and for those to be constantly kept up to date to protect from data loss and data theft. Data backups also need to be managed with specialized software or performed manually with additional hardware or cloud services. With Desktop as a Service, this is all done for you. All the security and backups are constantly kept up to date and maintained without the need for IT or cybersecurity specialists, because this is taken care of by the DaaS provider. Desktop as a Service can also eliminate the need for VPNs because the desktop is running virtually from a remote and secure location.

Data can also be protected from rogue users who attempt to copy sensitive data via USB. If any user is found to be acting in a suspicious way, then they can be monitored or instantly locked out. If an employee’s computer is lost, damaged or stolen, their data isn’t lost; it’s still accessible on the cloud via their virtual desktop. Sensitive data can’t be accessed from stolen devices because it is all stored and backed up safely by your DaaS provider, instead of locally on the stolen device. Data is also kept secure from hardware failure, weather damage and cyberattacks.

Desktop as a Service Saves Money

Analysts estimate that Desktop as a Service adoption can save a company 30-50% over a four-year time frame. Companies can save money in many ways, including the reduced need for IT support employees to fix, maintain, update and upgrade company computers. Desktop as a Service does all of this for you. Desktop as a Service can boost productivity because of a guaranteed uptime of over 99%. Companies no longer need to budget for hardware and software upgrades, because Desktop as a Service is future-proof.

If a user requires a lot of processing power, such as for machine learning, data science, software development and databases, then DaaS is the way to go. Virtual machines can be customized to accommodate for those who have a high demand for performance. Local computers don’t require the latest technology to be able to run Desktop as a Service, so upgrading them becomes unnecessary, as the remote desktop is continuously kept up to date.

Employees can access their virtual desktop with their own computer, tablet or smartphone device, from any place at any time. Desktop as a Service is also scalable, allowing companies to employ temporary workers or contractors without needing to purchase additional IT equipment and software licenses. As hardware upgrades become unnecessary, computers remain valid for many years, and this reduces electrical waste. This reduction in waste and the high efficiency of cloud computing can help your company to reduce its carbon footprint and address environmental targets.

To learn more about the benefits of Desktop as a Service and how it can help your company, contact ClubDrive today. We can provide a free IT assessment to show you just how much time and money your company can save.

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