Designing Managed IT Services Your Way

Do you have big plans for your business? It is well understood that an online presence can boost the reach of any business. Managing your processes with IT is also essential if you want to grow a business. Managing customer data on paper is largely a thing of the past. Forward-thinking businesses understand the need to create computerized databases and storage that helps streamline important processes.

For small-to-medium businesses, there are challenges related to building IT infrastructure. First and foremost, the budget may not accommodate the needs of a growing business. The cost of physical equipment and software is only part of the problem. You will also need to either train current employees to manage and troubleshoot IT problems, or hire dedicated individuals who will manage all your IT needs.

Cloud IT Services

One of the most effective solutions for small-to-medium businesses is cloud IT services. You can eliminate the need for a lot of IT infrastructure. If the cloud IT service is managed, you also gain access to a dedicated team of network, software and hardware specialists at a reduced cost. That leaves your business with money in the budget to start scaling up your operation without taking huge financial risks.

Cloud IT services also reduce or completely eliminate the need for onsite data storage. All your customer information is safe and accessible from dedicated data storage sites. At ClubDrive, we also offer network monitoring and other security services. If the data that you deal with is subject to compliance laws, we will ensure that all processes are fully compliant.

Help Desk Services

IT processes are not infallible. As dictated by Murphy’s Law, “Anything that can go wrong will go wrong.” The software and hardware that drive IT processes are complex. As a business, it is essential to reduce downtime from IT issues. A help desk service is your first point of contact when there are problems preventing your business from fulfilling customer commitments.

An IT help desk can help with everything from simple problems such as forgotten passwords to repairing major problems with software. Your IT help desk is also a bridge to other professionals, including network specialists. If you plan on expanding the use of software such as Microsoft 365, access to knowledgeable professionals is an invaluable resource.

Tailored Managed IT

There are a broad range of managed IT services from which businesses can benefit. Some service providers commit customers to taking managed IT packages. The problem with this approach is that you end up paying for services that are surplus to business needs. ClubDrive offers a different take on managed IT. We tailor all our services to the wants and needs of the business.

Think about how your business operates and which processes will require IT management. A ClubDrive consultant has the experience and knowledge to help you choose the services that will best support your business. We often refine a combination of managed IT services to ensure our customers don’t stretch their budget.

Network Management & Data Protection

Do you have concerns about network monitoring and data protection as your business grows? Safeguarding sensitive customer information and managing your network are services that can provide peace of mind. We monitor the network for anomalies and signs of malicious traffic. Our team understands compliance laws and what’s needed to provide full protection of customer data. When you trust ClubDrive to manage your IT services, we vigilantly search for potential issues and take proactive measures to eliminate downtime.

If you are interested in managed IT services, reach out to a ClubDrive consultant today. We are committed to providing affordable and effective solutions to all our customers.

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