Business Continuity and Working from Home

If the COVID-19 pandemic has shown us anything, it’s that crisis can strike at any time. In business, continuing to serve your customers while also protecting employees is a major consideration. Social distancing is an issue for many businesses, simply because appropriate infrastructure and processes do not exist.

In a world where it is becoming increasingly important to stay connected and engaged with customers, it is time to reconsider our business continuity plan. One of the areas that can help many sectors quickly recover is the ability for employees to work from home.

Admin, HR & Customer Service

If you have limited space to accommodate your workforce in a time of crisis, reducing the number of onsite employees makes sense. How can you achieve that goal? By putting provisions in place that allow those in administrative roles to work from home, where possible. Remember, business continuity plans are designed to ensure that interruption to normal processes is minimal. Reducing downtime plays an important part in that effort.

How can employees continue to work from home? In the past, businesses would have needed to install infrastructure in each employee’s home. However, solutions are relatively simpler in the modern age. Cloud hosting services allow your employees to work from anywhere in the world, as long as there is an internet connection. The only other considerations are ensuring that the connection is secure and your people have access to the applications, systems and data they need.

Smooth and seamless access and processing of data is achievable with cloud hosting. A simple communication can notify all affected employees to begin working from home with minimal downtime. Businesses can go further by creating protocols that all but guarantee that the switch goes without a hitch. There is no need to install new software or provide training in the event of a disaster, as these are the systems your team uses every day.

Health Emergencies

Health emergencies present both business and the general public with a number of challenges. It is important to slow down the spread of viruses that threaten the most vulnerable in our society. Working from home is one of many ways that goal can be achieved. Companies that rely heavily on IT are perfectly positioned to implement such protocols as part of their business continuity plan.

Not all businesses are considered essential services, but can continue to operate in some capacity during a health crisis. Business continuity is important for the economy when keeping people at work where possible is essential. Your employees have families to feed and bills to pay. Cloud hosting could represent an affordable way to make sure that your business is ready for most health emergencies.

Customer Confidence

Many modern businesses depend on the outsourcing of IT needs. With so much competition, scaling your business may prove difficult when the necessary infrastructure is not feasible. Whether your business faces issues related to space or practicality, allowing key employees to work from home could provide an effective solution. 

Cloud hosting services provide businesses with that extra range to expand beyond brick and mortar. Allowing employees to work from home is also a service to those who face childcare or other hurdles to employment. Now is the time to consider the benefits of cloud hosting and general IT management solutions. We may face trying times ahead, but with the right business continuity plan, you can keep doing right by your employees and customers.

Call ClubDrive today if you need solutions for allowing your employees to work from home. We are committed to helping you achieve optimum performance with the health and safety of your people in mind. 

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