Beware of mobile malware!

According to the mobility firm Ericsson, there may be over six billion smartphone users worldwide by 2020, far outstripping landline users. But all this popularity comes at a price: namely, the increase of malware often seen on these devices.

Is your device at risk?

Almost any mobile device is at risk for being high jacked, attacked or damaged by malware. There is no particular company or form of device that is immune. Basically, if you own a mobile device, you’re a walking target. In addition, much of this malware is hidden in legitimate applications, making it difficult to detect and remove.

What types of malware are there?

Although there are many different types of malware, some are more popular than others. Malware which targets banking applications, for instance, is seen as particularly lucrative for hackers. If you use your mobile device for bill-paying, payroll, taxes, audits, money transfers and more, banking malware can soon become your worst enemy.

Protect your mobile devices today

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