Are Weak Passwords Putting Your Data in Danger?

Weak passwords are a gateway to your data for bad actors. It is that simple. If you are using passwords that a child could work out, any accessible data is at risk. There are a number of ways that employees and even management can expose access to data-sensitive systems. Good password protection is just one way of mitigating those risks. 

Password Strength

Some online sites and portals provide hints on how to create a strong password. For instance, you may be restricted to using a combination of numbers, letters and characters. The purpose of this level of password protection is to help prevent hijacking. When a password is hijacked, it is usually due to the user either providing the information directly or using a password that is easy to guess.

The second reason for choosing a complex password is that they are harder to crack using software. Brute force attacks involve using trial and error to breach an account. If your password is your name with a number at the end, you are a prime candidate for a brute force attack.

Password Storage

You have no idea whether you can trust colleagues or not. It is a sad reality, but nobody wants their name connected to a serious data breach. The truth is, if your password is exposed, your name may be linked to the release of sensitive data. Having a weak password will not get you off the hook, either. Most companies have rules revolving around password creation when it comes to data protection.

If another person uses your password (either with permission or not) to access sensitive material, you are likely responsible for that breach. Most small to medium businesses do not have the resources to control user passwords – making them a prime target for data thieves. Intentions may range from marketing to outright theft, but the result is the same – personal customer or client data being shared with unintended third parties.

Creating a Strong Password

A strong password should always follow company protocols. Ideally, the password should consist of letters, numbers and symbols. The longer the password the better is a general rule. However, if the password is long and easy to crack, you may as well hand your data over to the people who wish to exploit your business.

Think smart. If you want to create a robust password, choose a combination that means nothing to you. There are programs that can break most any password; but if you have network protection, such attempts are usually stamped out right away. There is a war on for data, and small to medium businesses are primary targets. Protect your business and clients with up-to-date data protection.

Affordable IT Support

IT support is a crucial element in stopping attacks before they happen – especially when it comes to who can access data. When an employee creates a password, it is important to create rules for any application that allows access to sensitive data. Encouraging employees to avoid easily compromised passwords is just one part of the journey.

Additional authentication steps, such as a captcha code, can prevent bots from accessing the information stored on your servers or traveling on the network. A team that is monitoring your network traffic is of even greater benefit. Unusual connections are typically a giveaway that bad actors are sniffing around.

Data is currency in the digital world. Never assume that the records you keep are irrelevant. Somebody out there will pay to access that personal or financial information. Keep your network strong with services from ClubDrive. We offer remote IT solutions for businesses of every size.

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