Are Common Threats and Vulnerabilities Compromising Your Network Security?

If your business uses a computer network of any description, data security is always at risk. As an essential asset that keeps many of your processes running smoothly, a network needs constant maintenance and protection. For many small-to-medium-sized companies, managing these aspects of IT internally is not always viable.

A computer network can look like a small group of connected computers with intranet and internet, or a complex setup that demands specialist implementation and management. In either case, failure to keep the network up-to-date and secure can have serious implications.

There are several common threats and vulnerabilities that can compromise your business network. Understanding these issues and how to mitigate risks are essential parts of running any IT-reliant company or organization.

Computer Virus Infections

Every day, information technology news outlets highlight all the latest viruses that have infected computer networks globally. No matter the size or nature of business, data is always at risk from coding designed to attack computers connected to a vulnerable network.

Unfortunately, viruses are not only used to compromise IT processes. Data such as passwords, personal information, financial information and more can be stolen or corrupted. To help prevent infection, it is important that the network is protected. Additionally, employees should receive training on identifying and reporting suspected virus threats.

Software Risks

Failure to update software or using defunct software poses a risk to data integrity and security. In most cases, issues arise from ignoring or putting off software security updates. This leaves the data stored on those programs vulnerable to a breach.

When software is discontinued, the developer is not likely to continue providing security updates. You may find that older versions of a program or process are slow or frequently experience glitches. Besides the security risk involved in continuing to use outdated software, it is important to consider the impact on your business productivity.


Outside of automated attacks such as viruses and the use of similar remote software, there is also a human risk to consider. Hackers are actively trying to infiltrate vulnerable networks to steal data or simply cause chaos for personal amusement.

There are several ways that hackers can compromise your business, including: Stealing data, sharing business practices with competitors and bringing down entire networks. Catching hackers and bringing them to account is not an easy task. Different laws around the world often hinder efforts to prosecute those who would illegally access a computer network.

Employee Training

Employee training (or the lack thereof) is an important factor in keeping your network secure. Being able to recognize and deal with cybersecurity threats is an essential skill in today’s IT driven world.

Clicking on links in suspect emails is just one example of how employees can unintentionally compromise sensitive information and systems. Every employee should receive adequate education on appropriate security practices for handling data and access to your network.

Technological Evolution

Technology experiences fast-paced evolution that can become a double-edged sword for unprepared businesses. A network that is efficient and secure will only remain so with regular updates, management and monitoring. If these steps are not taken, vulnerabilities will develop over time.

IT network specialists are constantly learning and adapting to changes in technology. The typical business owner neither has the time or skillset to keep IT infrastructure up-to-date. It is crucial that you protect sensitive data from breaches by finding the right solutions for your business needs.

At ClubDrive, we offer network management and monitoring services for businesses of any size and scope. If you are concerned about security and stability threats, reach out to one of our managed IT experts today.

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