5 Key Benefits of Turn Key Hosted IT

Do you struggle to provide new employees with access to essential IT systems? How about upgrading software and backing up data? These are just a few of the challenges that can cause significant problems for small businesses. Without the services of a full time IT specialist, your company may be experiencing unnecessary downtime.

Turn key hosted IT changes all that. You won’t need a dedicated team to manage the installation and control of your network, data storage, cybersecurity or devices. All access is facilitated on the cloud, which makes setup and integration simpler and less time consuming.

Ease of Installation

With hosted IT, you don’t have to worry about installing software on individual devices. Employee profiles come ready made with all the access needed to carry out the role. When your people take on new responsibilities, your hosting provider can almost instantly add any additional software access.

Is hot desking a necessary practice due to space or scheduling conflicts? With access to everything on the cloud, employees are limitless on where they can sit in the office. You will no longer need to ensure that all computers are set up with multiple software profiles.

Higher Processing Speeds

Software that is installed locally can drain the memory of your PCs, resulting in unnecessary downtime. When all the programs you need are hosted on the cloud, processing speeds are much faster. Performance will not suffer, regardless of how many users are logged on at a given time.

Most small businesses cannot afford to purchase high-end physical technology to keep up with the demands of high-spec programs. By hosting all your computerized needs on the cloud, you won’t have to upgrade physical machines as often.

Data Security

Offsite data banks that are in a secure location will keep sensitive information safe. Small businesses that store data on local devices risk cyber threats on two fronts. Criminals can access customer and financial details via a network breach or through direct theft of hardware.

It is important to upgrade and patch software to help prevent cybersecurity threats. This is a process that happens automatically with hosted IT. If any new threats emerge, your provider will proactively respond so that you don’t have to concern yourself with this necessary chore.

Automatic Backups

Backing up data is essential for most businesses. Even if your daily processes do not rely on it, saving customer information can become useful in future transactions. Automatic backups are designed to ensure that you never lose any of the data that drives your day-to-day processes.

If you have a disaster recovery plan, automatic backups will become a key component. There is less risk of data becoming lost or compromised. Sensitive information is also safer when backups are hosted on cloud servers.

Remote Access

In recent years, the ability to work remotely has never been more important. Employees can access all the software and data they need with nothing more than a compatible device and an internet connection. If you have people who find it difficult to commute to the office or need to travel for work, hosted IT is the ideal solution.

Some employees may insist on coming into work while feeling under the weather. While this is a commendable work ethic, it can result in the spread of viruses. If you have people who are feeling well enough to not take sick leave, remote access keeps everybody happy and healthy.

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