The healthcare industry faces a number of challenges when it comes to managing data, especially as it relates to compliance. Health professionals are responsible for accessing, storing and transmitting large amounts of patient data. All data that is shared must comply with HIPAA requirements to protect patient confidentiality.

Another issue that healthcare facilities face is the potential for downtime. The inability to access vital information related to a patient’s medical history is often a matter of life and death. ClubDrive Systems provides uninterrupted service and access to dedicated space on our cloud network.

Hackers and coders who create viruses are determined in their efforts to compromise network security. Secure software, hardware and network access is an essential component of healthcare managed IT services. Malware has the potential to cripple an entire network, preventing healthcare professionals from providing effective care to patients.

ClubDrive Systems creates robust security protocols, which include monitoring and controlling access to patient data. As new threats emerge, our network security team updates the definitions that are in place to protect your systems.

Operational Continuity

At ClubDrive Systems, we understand that operational continuity in healthcare services relies heavily on fast, effective and user-friendly technology. We provide the access that you need to guarantee the highest standard of care for patients. You can access patient information from any approved device, regardless of location.

Our team specializes in the operation and maintenance of physical servers at our data center. We are prepared for any event, including fire, flood or attempted data breaches. ClubDrive Systems offers IT management services that are individualized to the needs of the business or organization. Private healthcare facilities will benefit from set fees that are suited to any budget.