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“Moving to ClubDrive was the best business decision
I ever made.
~ Bert Light – Owner, Artlite Office Supplies


For clinicians, time is the finite element that contributes to better patient care and also revenue. Cloud hosted IT ensures uninterrupted EMR access, patient scheduling, HIPAA compliance and general data security practices that work seamlessly at a lower operating cost.

Work Flow – From scheduling and reception, through to the exam room and patient documentation we’re able to help eliminate the IT bottleneck and improve workflow within medical organizations. Giving all clinicians uninterrupted access to the information they need quickly and reliably improves workflow significantly.

Lower Costs – Our hosted IT platform helps to reduce hardware, software and support costs. Clinicians can access data and applications from any device. Hardware lifecycles are extended because all of the data and computing work happens on the cloud – so devices don’t become outdated. Software installations and updates also happen on the cloud so interruptions become a thing of the past.

Security and Compliance – All connections pass through multiply layers of firewall protection and 256-bit data encryption. All security and back up protocols support regulatory compliance requirements for ePHI and other sensitive data.

Clinician Access – Doctors and designated staff have access to “protected data” anytime, anywhere and from virtually any device without putting the data at risk.

On Demand Support – All staff can access support on demand. Our support team is able to fix most problems right away.