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“Moving to ClubDrive was the best business decision
I ever made.
~ Bert Light – Owner, Artlite Office Supplies


Our cloud-hosted IT services help firms achieve uninterrupted billable work days, physical and virtual data security and regulatory compliance. Our support resources make access to help faster and easier. Finally, we’re able to do that with a much better cost to value ratio both long and short term.

Security & Compliance
We understand the critical nature of security for firms handling money and financial data. Our system solves both physical and virtual security challenges by operating our servers within secure data centers. This means that no one can just walk up to data servers in your office or access data from a user’s PC hard drive. Additionally, secure data centers are designed to withstand all manner of disasters and malicious attempts to breach both physical and virtual. Finally, our comprehensive security makes managing compliance much easier.

Lower Costs
Conventional knowledge promotes the idea that one time purchase costs are less than fixed monthly services fees for software, support and hardware. The capital expenses of hardware and the supporting costs of operating a traditional IT infrastructure exceed the per user costs of our managed services. See our side-by-side comparisons.

24/7 Support
Our Atlanta based support structure improves access to support personnel with rapid response times and complete and instant access to applications and software on our system. This means that in additional to being able to talk with a person, that same person can usually solve the problem right away. This is an important element of improved productivity.

A compelling benefit of cloud hosted IT is that everything is always up-to-date. And, updates happen at night like they’re supposed to. Data is backed up to multiple servers, all applications and desktops are also backed up and updated automatically. Imagine that, always up-to-date.

Top three reasons firms choose ClubDrive:

Compliance – This becomes much easier because we handle it completely based on your requirements. Documentation is provided per your needs.

Cost Benefit – The real dollar cost savings on hardware, software and support allow businesses to apply more resources towards growth.

Improved Business Focus – Most customers are surprised by how much easier everyday IT tasks become. With that comes improved productivity and business focus.