“Updates and back ups happen at night. Meaning, no interuptions during the work day . . .”


Cloud-hosted IT services require a reliable high quality data connection. We’re able to assess customer connections and determine suitability.

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Let’s start at the beginning – “the cloud” is actually a generic term for servers (powerful computers) in a data center with hyper fast web connections. So, when an application runs “in the cloud” the user sees what the app is doing and can interact with it, but the actual computing process is happening on those powerful computers (servers).

How it Works for Users
On traditional desktops, applications are installed and files are kept on each user’s individual hard drive. To use applications and files a user has to be sitting at their actual computer. Hosted IT desktops look and act exactly like traditional desktops. The key difference is that user files and applications are actually operating on servers in the cloud. PCs are just a window and control device for users to see and operate their cloud-hosted desktop.

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The Big Differences

  • Users no longer have to worry about backing up files, that is done automatically.
  • Files edited while offline are automatically synced when the user logs into the network. No connection is no problem.
  • Software updates are done automatically in background.
  • All apps and files are fully mobile accessible all of the time.
  • Our support team can provide immediate assistance because they can access your
    desktop as needed.

Cloud Hardware

The ‘cloud’ runs on servers designed to perform specific computing tasks, support many users simultaneously and manage high traffic easily. Their performance is constantly monitored and workloads are automatically shared between multiple servers to ensure optimal performance.

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Data Centers

The servers that power hosted IT are physically housed in secure data centers that are designed and operated to provide physical and virtual security. Virtual security threats such as viruses or hackers have to defeat multiple layers of protection. The physical security of secure data centers is impressive. They are equipped with their own air filtration systems, fire suppression systems, redundant onsite power backup systems and limited access protocols. Data centers can continue to operate through all manner of natural disasters. Additionally, personnel access is limited to authorized personnel who are authenticated and verified every time they enter. Data centers are one of the safer places on the planet.

Cloud Software

Cloud-hosted IT systems run on a software platform that manages all functionality as one system, not as separate pieces that have to be made to work together. This allows the software to run much faster and more efficiently. One centrally controlled platform enables rapid changes to be made across the system quietly with no disruption to users. Our software intelligently monitors real time performance and detects stress areas long before they become a problem.

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Each company’s platform is optimized for their particular needs. If a company has 40 users that access productivity apps like Microsoft Office and SalesForce and another 5 users accessing computing intensive applications like CAD modeling programs the platform is configured to allocate computing power and bandwidth to meet individual user demands. If resources reach a pre-set stress limit notifications to our system administrators are activated. Administrators can quickly make adjustments to allocate more resources or fix an error.

Our platform is designed to be reliable, stable and expandable to demand. It is powered by a Citrix core that we’ve customized with a high performance hardware and architecture composite.