What happens when malware infects your website?

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It happens all the time. One day, your website is up and running just fine. The next, you can’t access it from either the user end or the administration panel. What’s worse is that it seems to direct you to some other website – one that has nothing to do with your company.

You may have just been infected by malware.

Your business slows to a halt

If malware infects your site, your customers or clients won’t be able to make purchases on it or secure services from you. Even worse, they may not even be able to get in touch with you to let you know about problems they’re having with your products. Bad technology + bad P.R. = bad business.

Why does bad malware happen to good people?

Don’t blame yourself for contracting a case of malware. Sometimes, despite your best efforts, it just happens. That’s because shady hackers use their computer bots to scan millions of websites every day for weaknesses. These bots act like Trojan horses that let in viruses and other nasties, all for the purpose of using your website to send out spam or support the hackers’ other enterprises.

What can you do about malware?

There are a few things that you can do to make sure malware doesn’t shut down your site for a significant length of time – or for good. The first thing is to back up the site regularly. That way, it can be restored in the event of an infection. The second is to have powerful security plugins installed on the site that will routinely check for and protect you from malware. The third is to have a cyber-security company on call to deal with any malware issues as they arise – so you can get back to business fast.

Is your company at cyber-risk?

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2018 isn’t even over yet and already we’re seeing some catastrophic data leaks and cyber-attacks. Don’t think it can’t happen to your company. Take a look below at just a few of the victims.

Major universities and more

More than 300 universities all over the globe were allegedly hacked in March. In addition, 47 private companies, the United Nations, the U.S. Federal Energy Regulatory Commission, and the states of Indiana and Hawaii are also believed to have been targets. An estimated $3 billion in intellectual property is thought to have been stolen.

Fitness trackers

Even something as harmless-seeming as a fitness tracker can be ripe for hacking, as the MyFitnessPal app learned all too well in 2018. Late in February, hackers managed to access approximately 150 million users’ email addresses, passwords and more. It wasn’t until late March that the breach was even discovered.

Take a stand against cyber-theft

You don’t have to face the threat of cyber-theft alone. You don’t have to put billions of dollars and numerous clients at risk. ClubDrive helps you take a stand against cyber-thieves by keeping you data secure: off-site and on the cloud. Call us today and learn more about it.

Is your business security compliant?

52117446_MIn today’s hyper-connected world of business, cybercrime is a bigger threat than ever before. In fact, a recent report by CSOnline found that the cost of cybercrime damage will total $6 trillion annually by 2021.

As more and more companies move their servers, client information, and proprietary data to the cloud, having adequate online protection is becoming more and more crucial. Without the right amount of security, you run the risk of exposing your clients and business partners to data breaches… or worse.

Rather than wait for something bad to happen, why not start the process of mitigating your storage safely and securely today?

At ClubDrive, we’re passionate about helping business owners just like you acquire the tools they need to secure their files in a safe, easily accessible digital space. As a compliant data center, we offer 100% protection against any and all data loss. In addition, our facilities are:

  • HIPPA compliant
  • SSAE16 compliant
  • SOC compliant
  • PIC compliant

With our team at your side, you can feel confident knowing you’re protected 24/7, 365 days a year. Don’t wait a day longer. Take the first step toward a safer, more efficient operation and give us a call at (404) 448-3001

Together, we’ll work with you to determine what IT hosting plan will best meet your company’s individual needs. Talk to you soon!