How much device downtime can your business afford?
We now offer remote device management services to detect and resolve possible device issues before they become a problem, ensuring your business continues without a hitch.  For more information, please contact our sales team at
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Why ClubDrive?

ClubDrive provides high quality integrated solutions ensuring both accessibility and security of your data while helping your business increase its productivity. ClubDrive provides your company with the entire IT environment delivering a virtual desktop while storing your data safely off-site.

Our Solutions

At ClubDrive your issues are our solutions. We help businesses across a variety of sectors get out of the IT business and get back to theirs allowing higher productivity and savings. Through the ClubDrive IT environment companies receive personal and proactive support from the very beginning, ensuring high quality and high levels of service.

Hosted Desktops and Workspaces
Complete PC-style desktops with your applications, data and email, delivered over the web Available any time and on any device No software to maintain Simple to buy.

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Changing HIPAA Requirements, ClubDrive Keeping You Compliant
With HIPAA Title II's release, the electronic environment concerning the privacy of patient information is changing, and ClubDrive is ahead of the curve complying with all the requirements to ensure the highest level of security for our clients, so they can continue to provide high quality service for theirs.